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Introduction to Alpine Skiing

Physical Therapy in West Orange for Skiing

Welcome to Optimum Recovery Rehab Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation's patient resource about alpine skiing.

There is nothing like fresh powder on the slopes to get the blood of a true alpine skier pumping.  Whether you are a weekend warrior who loves the feel of the cold wind in your face as much as you love the warmth of the ski lodge or you are a fierce competitor, dropping from helicopters to the top of a mountain to find the freshest snow, any skier must know that there are many ways to hurt yourself that will keep you off the mountain and sipping hot chocolate in a pair of furry slippers if you do not take proper precautions prior to strapping on your skis.

This section of our site is designed to inform and educate you about alpine skiing injuries related to your wrists, ankles, knees, back, and elbows and the exercises that can prevent them from occurring.

It is our goal to keep you on the slopes this winter and off of an airlift to the Emergency Room.

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