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Great PT experience

I can’t thank you enough over the past 9 weeks. You’re dedicated to all your patients. I was so thrilled to see how you helped me achieve my goals. You’re very knowledgeable and after each session I was amazed by your expertise and diligence! Your skills enabled me to have a complete recovery and I will always be thankful to you.

Fondly, A.G.

Has really helped me

Excellent therapist. She spends the entire hour with you. Has really helped me. Strongly recommend.


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Thank you for helping me walk again, Tessa!!!

- Sincerely, L.P.

Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment, Quality

Thank you for your kind, focused attention! Looking forward to working with you.

- Sincerely, J.M.

Dear Tessa,

I came to you with much fear to move my arm. You were very patient and attentive to address my worries. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get my arm back to use. You are an amazing PT doctor. I wish you All the Best.

- Sincerely, E.J.

Love Tessa’s personality!


Dr. Almeda is patient, helpful and addresses ALL aspects of recovery - not just the physical.

After having a previous bad experience with a large physical therapy program, I was afraid to go back into physical therapy for another injury. But then I found Dr. Tessa Almeda! Optimum Recovery is small which means you get personalized attention without feeling rushed, like they've got another patient in the queue . Dr. Almeda is patient, helpful and addresses ALL aspects of recovery - not just the physical. She gave me exercises to do at home, helped me regain some of the practical skills I'd lost, and warmly encouraged me, when I was feeling better, not to overdo it. I would go back to her in a HEARTBEAT!


I can certainly say that she is the very best physical therapist.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Almeda’s on a couple of occasions over the years, for back and neck issues. I can certainly say that she is the very best physical therapist. My issues with both areas are completely gone thanks to her personalized physical therapy and I now have full range of motion in both my neck and back. Dr. Almeda takes the time to listen to her patients and understand his/her issues. She has also been my elderly parents’ physical therapist and has also kept them in much better shape. Their flexibility and moving around greatly improved with her targeted physical therapy. Dr. Almeda also has a wonderful bedside manner and puts her patients completely at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing any kind of physical therapy.


I highly recommend Dr. Tessa Almeda!

Her one-on-one approach to physical therapy is refreshing with outstanding results. She is thorough and thoughtful, both in her initial evaluation and treatment, offering me a program tailored specifically to my needs. She continually refined and modified my program as I healed. Both she and her receptionist, Hattie, are pleasant and positive.


I am saying a BIG Thank You to you and your staff!

I just want to let you know how much I appreciated your caring approach when administrating my physical therapy. You were extremely professional but very personal at the same time. You made it very clear that I will only be graduating if I did my homework and I have continued doing the exercises you gave me. I am saying a BIG Thank You to you and your staff!


I am doing so much better

Overall great experience. I love the way she explained every procedure and work you through. I thank them I am doing so much better.


Thank you so much Tessa

I highly recommend Dr. Tessa Almeda for physical therapy & rehabilitation. She is professional, experienced, competent, and has great rapport with patients. Her office runs very efficiently. After her thorough assessment, and a course of physical therapy with Tessa, I am no longer experiencing any numbness or pain. Thank you so much Tessa


To Whom it May Concern

Having had several experiences over the years with Physical Therapy, I have to say that Optimum Recovery Rehab is by far the BEST. Their patience, one on one approach and ability to customize treatment to meet your individual situation is what makes them standout the most. Other Rehab facilities operate more like a factory assembly line. Thank you Optimum Recovery

Bill T. 54


Tessa & Hattie were wonderful to deal with on the telephone and in person. Tessa is an amazing physical therapist- she tended to my needs and progressed me in therapy as I was able to comfortably. I am now basically pain-free & able to do all the physical activity I was able to before my injuries/overuse from exercise. I would not hesitate to recommend Tessa to anyone & will return should I need physical therapy again (which I hopefully won’t).


Hi Dr. Tessa,

I can't express enough how much I appreciate your expertise, kindness, one to one therapy, and a thorough explanation of my injuries. You have managed to calm my anxieties through out my physical rehabilitation by providing excellent therapeutic assessments as well as the best rehabilitative approaches according the traumatic injury I sustained. I highly recommend your services to anyone who has any form of injuries that required physical therapy. Keep up the great work, you're the best.


Hi Dr. Almeda,

I can’t thank you enough for the great therapy and care you extended me. You were so thorough in your initial evaluation and in each session. The exercises you gave me to stretch and strengthen my weaknesses have been incredibly helpful. The print-outs of the exercises are a great reminder too.

I am a professional golfer and to perform at an optimal level I need to stay injury free. Balance, flexibility and core strength are keys to a stable and repetitive golf swing. You very patiently listened to my questions and queries and designed a program around my needs.

With great appreciation. I will recommend you to my students and friends in need! Thanks again.

C. C. - LPGA Professional

Very thorough

Dr. Almeda was very thorough and took time with the patient


I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Almeda.

Dr. Tessa Almeda is a most unusual and excellent Physical Therapist. She's unusual because you have her undivided attention throughout your PT session and she's excellent because she conducts a thorough assessment and then tailors a program to your specific needs. Dr. Almeda is warm and caring as well as knowledgeable. Hattie, the receptionist, is friendly and welcoming. The office is bright and spotless. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Almeda.


Thank you Dr. Tessa!,

Dr. Almeda's care is the most thorough and customized I've seen! She really goes out of her way to see for the best solution. I feel she's really helping me. Thank you Dr. Tessa!


Dear Tessa,

Thank you so very much for all your care and help with my knee. Your encouragement got me through a very difficult time and your great skill allowed me to see improvement that I never believed would happen. I wish you all the very best!

fondly, A.F.

A Thank You to Dr. Tessa Almeda

Dr. Almeda worked with me on neck and shoulder issues that improved greatly in the two months of therapy. Her hands on techniques were specifically targeted to my problems and she continually refined the treatment as needed. Dr. Almeda explained each procedure and how I could follow through with exercises at home. She is extremely knowledgeable and kept me well informed during treatment. The referring doctor told me I would get a lot of personal attention from Dr. Almeda and this was true. I highly recommend her. I found Dr. Almeda to be a personable and caring professional who has knowledge of the latest techniques in the field of physical therapy.

Helen K

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Almeda

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Almeda. She always tried something new and different to help me. I have been to many other physical therapy places, and they do the same thing day in and day out, whether it works or not. Dr. Almeda is innovative and creative. She was always trying new things to improve my mobility. In addition, she has such an "up " personality and is full of so much energy that it is contagious. Her office staff is very nice and accommodating. I highly recommend her and if needed, I will use her again.

Kathe S

I have been a patient of Tessa for a month and I highly recommend her

I have been a patient of Tessa for a month and I highly recommend her as a very knowledgeable and dedicated physical therapist. Each patient is given a private room with a table. The treatment is individualized and Tessa has all the equipment necessary to help in recovery. The office and rooms are immaculate and Tessa's main goal is for me to be able to play tennis again. I have so much confidence in her.

Linda M

I am writing an outstanding review of Dr. Tessa Almeda.

Dr. Almeda has been my physical therapist for over two months and she has been very helpful in my recovery. I felt very comfortable and at ease. She explained my injury very thoroughly and showed me ways on how to improve my wellbeing myself not just at the office, but also at home.

Dr. Almeda is also very personable to her patients and gives phenomenal advice on how to treat your injury, overall I would like to express my gratitude for the effort she has put in to my recovery. She is one of the best physical therapist I have had the pleasure of knowing and will most certainly recommend to others.

Lavunda M

I am so grateful to Dr. Tessa Almeda for making me feel better.

I had such a great experience from day one and throughout my physical therapy. Dr. Tessa treated me with great care and support. Dr. Tessa is very knowledgeable about all the newest techniques in physical therapy and rehabilitation. She always took the time to answer the many questions I had. She went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and always made herself available. I found this process to be a very positive one and I would highly recommend Dr. Tessa Almeda to anyone looking for high-level care!

Honorata D

I enthusiastically recommend Tessa Almeda.

She helped me before hip replacement surgery and after during my recovery. Dr. Almeda's approach is not the cookie-cutter one of many Physical Therapy practices. Rather, she thoroughly gets to know and understand your problems and goals and tailors and adapts your therapy on an ongoing basis. Your treatment is private and not done in a public gym area with other patients watching. Tessa is also constantly studying and learning new approaches . Her office is friendly and efficient and you are treated as someone who really matters.

Miriam C

Dear Dr. Tessa Almeda,

Thank You for treating my back, knee, shoulder, and neck, I feel so much better since your treatments, and can perform daily life much better. Thanks Again.

Dominick B.


You’re a pleasure to work with, caring and conscientious.

Jewish Federation Patient Coordinator

Appreciated care

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a special individual, Tessa Cantado, who helped me with my physical therapy. Her patience, kindness and concern were outstanding qualities and deserve recognition. She helped me tremendously in my recovery.”

Norma H.

On the road to healing

I’m so sorry not to have been able to share my accomplishment with you of succeeding at this new step towards healing. It is mainly because of your expertise and patience with me and I humbly thank you for this! We now share a commonality in life – healing from different perspectives.”

Rabbi Susan S.

News story recounts effort of therapists

Below is a summary of a news story of a patient of Dr. Cantado’s published in a hospital newspaper.

“Tanya F., an active, healthy 79-year-old female, was admitted to hospital for sub-acute rehabilitation therapy after a biking accident where she incurred a pelvic fracture.

Prior to the accident, Tanya had a very active and busy lifestyle. In addition to mountain biking she also regularly went hiking ad still drove a car out and about every day.

When she came to the hospital she was wheelchair bound and in excruciating pain. Her pain was so severe that she could barely move her affected leg and was unable to perform transfers or walk without assistance. Tanya’s goal was to be able to once again walk independently and fly to Israel with her grandchildren – a trip that was scheduled just a few weeks away.

Tanya worked diligently with her physical therapist Tessa Cantado to achieve her goal. Her therapy began with daily leg and balance exercises and gradually progressed to her use of an independent walker; then came a cane which helped her walk on even and uneven surfaces. Her therapist also trained Tanya to walk upstairs, since she lives alone in an apartment with steps.

Following her injury, Tanya also required occupational therapy. She re-learned how to dress and bathe herself and perform various household tasks independently.

After one month of therapy, Tanya was able to walk and live independently. A few days after her discharge, she boarded a plane for Israel and acted as a tour guide for her grandchildren.

Several months later, Tanya revisited her therapist and recounted the details of her very busy and full trip. She also told her that she has resumed biking, hike and driving as well.”

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